Arts Production

I have taken part in the creative and administrative work of two arts festivals, held locally and nationally.

National Young Writers’ Festival

Between 2017 and 2018, I was the creative producer and co-director of the National Young Writers’ Festival, held annually in Newcastle in late September - early October over four days as part of This is Not Art.

Alongside my colleagues, I steered creative direction of the festival program, selected artists and organised events. I collaborated with the staff of This is Not Art, CrackX and Critical Animals Research Symposium to set out the logistics of the three sub-festivals.

In 2017, the National Young Writers’ Festival programmed 89 panels, roundtables, conversations, readings and workshops featuring 136 emerging artists from Australia and New Zealand.

As a direct impact of our work, This is Not Art was attended by just under 6,400 festivalgoers in 2017. Additionally, This is Not Art generated direct and incremental expenditure of $647,085 attributable to the Newcastle economy.

Image of Caleb at the 2017 National Young Writers' Festival

Mudfest Creative Arts Festival

In 2017, I was the marketing and publicity manager for Mudfest, the largest student creative arts festival in the southern hemisphere.

I was responsible for designing graphics, building a website, distributing press releases, posting content on social media, managing electronic ticket sales and other ad hoc duties in the lead up to the festival.

All marketing content had to be environmentally sustainable and accessible to a diverse audience, including alt text functionality and readable fonts. My skills in Photoshop, web publishing and video editing allowed me to produce online content that engaged with our student base.

Consistent branding across all online media resulted in a successful campaign strategy and a 25 per cent boost in online box office income compared to what was initially projected.